Sky Bri Bio, Plastic Surgery, Real Name, Net Worth (2024)

Sky Bri was the guest of Side+ a platform launched by Sidemen that provides exclusive video to its users. She flashed herself on the platform and started buzzing on Twitter. So, who is Sky Bir? What does she do? Did she date Jake Paul?

We answer all the questions you might be looking for the answers for. Keep on scrolling down to learn more about them.

Sky Bri On Side Plus

Model and content creator Sky Bri stunned the viewers on Side+ the online membership site launched by YouTube collective The Sidemen. The platform was launched by them in September 2021 that gives its users access to exclusive content. They released the first episodes of a three-part series which included a guest appearance from model Sky Bri.

Sky had a little mishap and she is all over Twitter after she flashed herself in Side Plus’ first episode titled Tinder.

The three-part series that includes the video follows Sidemen’s journey across the US. The first episode includes well-known YouTubers including Mike Majlak and Logan Paul. When Sky wanted to lift her top and show Mike her breasts during their Tinder encounter, Mike was present.

Mike and the other males in the group were astounded, and the episode quickly became popular on social media when it was shown.

Is Sky Bri Still Dating Jake Paul?

Sky Bri was rumored to be Jake Paul’s girlfriend in July 2022. He was previously in a relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. Jake appeared in several pictures alongside Sky which ignited the rumor of their alleged romance. The picture of the alleged couple went viral on social media.

Julia commented on Jake’s dating life labeling them as a couple. Jake wrote, “God damn you honestly are so f***ing hot it’s ridiculous”. In the same post, Rose commented, “@jakepaul @realskybri @emilysalch either of you wanna come claim him since you’re so eager to post him? A prime example of why I broke up with him. Feel free to post more sh*t to make me feel better about my decision”.

Following the appearance of a photo of Bri and Jake kissing on a beach on Rara Knupps’ Instagram story, all eyes were on Bri. The two appeared to be having fun in the sun and having a good time somewhere.

Paul also took part in the latest episode of Sidemen Real Life Tinder, where he came face-to-face with Sky Bri. In this interaction, Paul said, “Hi Sky, I’m Logan. I’m 27 and if I remember correctly, I think you hooked up with my brother [Jake Paul]”. Bri then replied, “I did. You’re the cuter one though”.

Sky and Rara Knupps also appeared for an interview with DoKnowWorld_ and confirmed that they had a threesome. Bri said they went to meet him in Puerto Rico and spent five days with him and flew back to Miami.

Sky Bri Real Name

Skylar Bri’s full name is Skylar Brianna, which she shared on a vlog of Strawberry Park. She hasn’t shared her last name yet.

Where Is Sky Bri From?

Sky Bri is originally from Ocean City, Maryland. But, her career has reportedly brought her to Los Angeles, California.

Sky shared that her mother is very supportive although she was wary at the very beginning. Because Sky was able to move herself out and was financially stable, her mother is now happy for her. Sky added that her mother’s side of the family is happy for her. Meanwhile, her father disowned her and she hasn’t talked to or seen him for more than a year.

Sky Bri Plastic Surgery

Ever since Sky Brianna blew up on the internet, her fans have been speculating about her getting plastic surgeries. Though it appears she has done some work on her lips and her breasts, she hasn’t confirmed any of it yet.

Sky Bri Measurements

Sky Bri flaunts her stunning measurements of 36-25-37 inches on her Instagram. She has a few tattoos on her fingers and arms which are her distinct features.

How Much Is Sky Bri Net Worth?

Sky Bri should have a net worth above $800 thousand.

She is very big on OnlyFans and has been named as the top 0.01% of creators on the platform. She has been doing OnlyFans for nearly two years but as a side hustle. Before joining OnlyFans, she was working at Target and left the job in October 2021.

When Sky appeared on a podcast called No Jumper, it propelled her to stardom. In the first month, she made a six-figure income from the platform. She has been making six figures a month ever since.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Sky Bri?

As of July 2022, Sky Brianna is 23 years old. She recently celebrated her birthday on 21st February.

  • Is Sky Bri On TikTok?

Yes, Sky Brianna is on TikTok (@skybribaby). She is also on Instagram (@realskybri) and Twitter (@skybri_).

Sky Bri Bio, Plastic Surgery, Real Name, Net Worth (2024)


How much does real sky bri make? ›

How much is Ski Bri's net worth? Ski has an estimated net worth of $1.75 million as of 2023. She has built this money through her career in modelling, brand deals, social media, and OnlyFans.

What is Sky Bris' real name? ›

The social media influencer was born Skylar Bri.

Where did Sky Bri live? ›

Buxom and shapely blonde knockout Sky Bri hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Sky grew up on the East Coast before eventually moving to Los Angeles, California.

Who is bri from Ryan's World? ›

Brianna Jaynes is a voice actor for the Ryan's World franchise.

Does Sky Bri have TikTok? ›

Sky Bri (@skybritv) | TikTok.

What's Sky Bri's Instagram? ›

$ky (@skybribri)

How much money does bri have? ›

China's finance and investments in the Belt and Road initiative (BRI) Cumulative BRI engagement in the full 10 years since the announcement of the BRI in 2013 breached the USD1 trillion mark to reach USD1. 053 trillion, about USD634 in construction contracts, and USD419 in non-financial investments.

Is Adin with Sky Bri? ›

Is Adin Ross with Sky Bri? No, Sky and Adin Ross are not in a relationship. Instead, their connection stems from the fact that Sky appears in Adin's streams, just like other models.


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